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Company Business
We are an integrated terminal service provider in the PRC specialised in the storage
and handling of liquid chemical products. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality terminal and storage of liquid chemical services ranging from loading and discharging of liquid chemical products at our jetties and storage of liquid chemical
products at our tank farm and delivery of such products by utilising our dedicated pipelines and other basic terminal infrastructure. Through our owned terminal facilities, including storage tanks, dedicated pipelines, jetties and the related exclusive coastline use right, we are able to enhance our ability to manage our operation cost and provide flexibility for our future business expansion.
Leveraging on our specialised integrated terminals services, we are committed to becoming the leading provider of integrated terminal services for liquid chemical products in the PRC. We strive to capitalise on the development trend of the PRC liquid chemical market and continue to focus on the provision of terminal and storage service to leading liquid chemical manufactures. We aim to maintain our established and long-term relationships with, and strive to become the exclusive or primary liquid chemical terminal service provider for our customers.



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